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This I Believe

For my project in this class I will be concerning myself with the structure of daily class and home work schedules for secondary education students (7th-12th grade). It is my belief that the current structure of public education is not oriented in a way that optimizes students schedules  and work loads for peak performance and retention of knowledge. It is my belief that the current structure of public education is slightly dated and does not use all the information at our disposal in order to best suit the needs of students in a modern educational setting. There exist several studies that seem to argue in favor of this belief and it is my intent through this project to show the hard evidence and studies that exist to prove this stance. This individual proposal is retentive to me as a student due to the fact that I am a junior in the teaching certification program at UMBC and it is my hope to go into secondary education upon graduating. It is my intention to also use the knowledge and information that I gather from this project in my career as a teacher specifically in the way I conduct myself and the way that I structure my course as far as scheduling work load and assignments (both in class and Homework) are concerned.

Time line

Feb.14- Research complete and posted on site

Feb. 21- Completed transcript of recording written and posted on site

Feb.26- Recording complete and posted (project finalized)







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