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This I Believe

For my project in this class I will be concerning myself with the structure of daily class and home work schedules for secondary education students (7th-12th grade). It is my belief that the current structure of public education is not oriented in a way that optimizes students schedules  and work loads for peak performance and retention of knowledge. It is my belief that the current structure of public education is slightly dated and does not use all the information at our disposal in order to best suit the needs of students in a modern educational setting. There exist several studies that seem to argue in favor of this belief and it is my intent through this project to show the hard evidence and studies that exist to prove this stance. This individual proposal is retentive to me as a student due to the fact that I am a junior in the teaching certification program at UMBC and it is my hope to go into secondary education upon graduating. It is my intention to also use the knowledge and information that I gather from this project in my career as a teacher specifically in the way I conduct myself and the way that I structure my course as far as scheduling work load and assignments (both in class and Homework) are concerned.

Time line

Feb.14- Research complete and posted on site

Feb. 21- Completed transcript of recording written and posted on site

Feb.26- Recording complete and posted (project finalized)






This I Believe video transcript/script

In the modern world it is apparent to everyone that education is important to the lives of students in america and across the globe. It is our intent  to give students the best education that we can offer to them and ensure that they have access to opportunity as well as an education that will offer them a greater perspective of the world around them. This is the point in education, to create an informed and well rounded population ready to face the challenges of the world ahead of them and to give them the tools they need to reach their full potential. There have been many arguments about how to properly educate our children. We have changed methods and ideas of the approach overtime. Conventionally the classrooms have remained very similar. A teacher standing in front of a class and representing knowledge on which they have been well informed and several rows of desks of students sitting and waiting to learn. The factors in this type of class room have been, exams, classwork and homework. My Belief and the which this project will focus on is that we are not properly educating our students and are not properly constructing a workload that allows for the best and most effective administration of information. It is my belief that we are straining our students mentally through an excessive and overloaded workload. This has several adverse effects. The phenomena which we are creating within the minds of students are similar to overtraining an athlete. An athlete can train as hard as they like but if they do not do so intelligently they’ll fall victim to injury and strain.  The issue which we will focus on in this argument will be that of homework. The reasoning behind this is that teachers have a greater personal control over the homework load students are given. This is generally free of state standards and overarching curriculums, while it is used as a means to meet these standards it is not directly connected to them. What I do not mean to do through this argument is completely discount the validity of homework as a tool of education. There are many proven benefits to it and it is a wonderful tool for education when used properly. It can give them extra practice outside of the classroom and can ensure that their is some form of a dialogue between the school life and home life. In some households homework assignments are the best look parents have into what their children are actually doing in school. However there exists several theories postulating the proper execution and administration of homework loads. Education theory suggests that there exists an optimal load of homework that does not reach the point of excess but also does not undershoot and keep children from getting the full benefit out of their education. The national bureau of education suggests ten minutes of homework per-grade level per-night. This functions a sort of mental progressive overload allowing students at each level to hit that point and get the most out of their education. Now this standard is a bit archaic but it is backed with data which in most classrooms is not normally used in assigning homework and thus why this optimal point is often not reached and usually fall on the side of excessive strain on the spectrum of missing this point. This strain manifests itself in several different ways including but not limited to the rise of teen depression and anxiety. This is not to say that the education system is the only factor that causes teen depression and anxiety. There have been many other factors attributed to this issue including but not limited to social media having adverse effects, the constant pressure from peer groups to fit in, body image issues, pressures put on them by cable media and so on. But education is certainly a major factor in this issue. The pressure to succeed, to be great, to get into a good college, to do well on tests, papers and to stay on top of homework it can be a bit much for them. This need to achieve has also resulted in  another phenomena and that is the rise of the abuse of adderall a prescription drug meant of attention deficit disorder. It’s being abused by students without such issues and the reason for this is that they feel the pressure to succeed and as such go the route of pharmaceutical abuse in order to maintain the edge to succeed. It is my belief that if the education system simply looked at the data surrounding teens and the theories of education that have been created after years of research we could create a better system and allow students to succeed even more than when we placed this pressure on them. It is my belief that if we were to improve our  practices when it came to assigning homework we could create a better education system and allow children to achieve a higher potential, giving them the best future possible and that is the true goal of education.  



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